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 Highland Cow Plush Large Soft Toy with sound - Living Nature Naturli plush

Highland Cow Plush

This fluffy cow teddy wants to be your friend.

Our highland cow plush toy by Living Nature is eco-friendly and will even moo when you press its hoof!

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The Magic of Sensory Play

The Magic of Sensory Play

If you search for "sensory play" on your favourite social media platform, you may get the impression that it's all about making a mess with goopy concoctions and coloured rice. While those are in fact great examples of sensory play activities, there is so much more to this concept and the benefits go far beyond simply keeping kids entertained.
First Birthday Gift Guide

First Birthday Gift Guide

THE ULTIMATE FIRST BIRTHDAY GIFT GUIDE. A comprehensive list of gift ideas for a one-year-old (to suit every budget), and what to consider when choosing a first birthday gift. Gift ideas and product suggestions include: Practical Gifts; Sensory Play; Indoor Play; Outdoor Toys; Craft Materials; Keepsake Gifts; Learning Toys; Pretend Play; & Books.
EUGY by Dodoland - Eco-Friendly Model Kits for Kids

EUGY by Dodoland - Eco-Friendly Model Kits for Kids

Clever New Zealand company Dodoland are the brains behind EUGYs - unique and eco-friendly 3D model kits. EUGY kits are affordable, fun, safe, and educational - all with a spoonful of cuteness. Even after the fun of assembling these model kits is complete, the resulting animal figurines are super cute and look great on display - especially if you build up a collection - and they also make fantastic toys for imaginative or small world play.

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