EUGY by Dodoland - Eco-Friendly Model Kits for Kids

EUGY by Dodoland - Eco-Friendly Model Kits for Kids 0

Clever New Zealand company Dodoland are the brains behind EUGYs - unique and eco-friendly 3D model kits. EUGY kits are affordable, fun, safe, and educational - all with a spoonful of cuteness. Even after the fun of assembling these model kits is complete, the resulting animal figurines are super cute and look great on display - especially if you build up a collection - and they also make fantastic toys for imaginative or small world play.

  • The Toy Chest Australia
Djeco - Brand Spotlight

Djeco - Brand Spotlight 0

Djeco is a French company that produces award winning toys, craft kits, puzzles, and decor. Their products are eclectic with timeless appeal. Careful considerations are made to reduce the company's environmental impact, while the highest quality and safety standards are ensured.
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Tender Leaf Toys - Brand Spotlight

Tender Leaf Toys - Brand Spotlight 0

Tender Leaf Toys are an eco-friendly and ethical brand who make adorable wooden toys for children. They have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain. These toys are made to the highest quality standards, utilising re-claimed and recycled materials.
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Bobi Craft - Ethically Handmade Crochet Plush Toys

Bobi Craft - Ethically Handmade Crochet Plush Toys 0

Bobi Craft are a beautiful company from Vietnam who provide employment to disadvantaged people. These talented artisans create a gorgeous range of baby products and crochet plushies. Skillfully handmade from high-quality yarn and filled with recycled plastic polyester, their toys meet stringent safety standards.

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9 Reasons to Choose Handmade Toys & Gifts

9 Reasons to Choose Handmade Toys & Gifts 0

In a reality where mass production and over-consumption is the norm, there are still many of us aspiring to be mindful of our buying choices. Though it sometimes costs more in dollars and cents, we appreciate the value that can be gained from thoughtful purchasing. Choosing gifts for children, for example, presents an opportunity to steer away from mass produced options. Handmade toys offer a refreshing alternative, bringing artistry, meaning, connection and quality.
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Tara Treasures : Brand Spotlight

Tara Treasures : Brand Spotlight 0

Tara Treasures embodies the values we hold dear at The Toy Chest : providing gorgeous, high quality, eco-friendly gifts for kids that are ethically made. They are an Australian brand who design their products in Melbourne and manufacture from a cottage industry in Nepal, where fair wages support talented artisans and their wider communities.
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Tiger Tribe : Brand Spotlight

Tiger Tribe : Brand Spotlight 0

Tiger Tribe are an Aussie brand close to our hearts here at The Toy Chest. Not only do we adore their products, we also wholeheartedly embrace their mission to protect our natural environment: by supporting conservation efforts, and by aiming for sustainability in all they do. We stock a selection of quality products from Tiger Tribe in store.
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Lindon Heirloom Toys - Australian Made Brand

Lindon Heirloom Toys - Australian Made Brand 0

Lindon Heirloom Toys is a small family business, based in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW. Their handcrafted products are of exceptional quality and made from ethically and sustainably sourced materials. These are heirloom toys, intended to be passed down through generations.

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8 Ethical Toys for Your Calm Corner

8 Ethical Toys for Your Calm Corner 0

The availability of sensory toys and fidgets on the market has become quite a phenomenon in recent years. Of course, it is wonderful that there is more awareness of sensory needs and the ways in which individuals can regulate their nervous systems to better function. Unfortunately though, many of the products that are promoted for this purpose are poor quality, plastic, or easily broken items that quickly end up in landfill. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to help children calm themselves through sensory input that don't involve unethical purchasing.

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8 Considerations for Planning an Eco-friendly Birthday Party

8 Considerations for Planning an Eco-friendly Birthday Party 0

Throwing a children's birthday party with the environment in mind is not as daunting as it seems. With a bit of thought but not too much effort, you can reduce your impact on the environment while inspiring others to do the same.
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